Mr. Anil Agarwal was on a 3-days trip to Udaipur, which is also the head-office of Hindustan Zinc, Vedanta group's flag-ship company and the world's largest integrated producer of zinc-lead. In the middle of his tight schedule, he took out time to interact with the students of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur and College of Technology & Engineering (CTAE), Udaipur. 

While addressing about 130 management students and faculty members at IIM Udaipur on 22nd November 2012, Mr. Anil Agarwal spoke about how important is for India to have supportive exploration policy. India is a country that has tremendous quality natural resources, keep them for another 300 years and nothing would happen. These resources would still remain unutilized. What is the meaning ?, he said.  Why cant we utilize them for our people of India ?, he said.   Mr. Agarwal said, Country cannot depend on imports all the time and why hard earned money within the country should be spent on imports ?

The import bill is rising and here in India we are not developing our internal resources. Is it that India is becoming an "import dominated country?, he said.  IIM, Udaipur Director Prof. Janat Shah spoke about IIM, Udaipur and the need for young entrepreneurs to hold the reigns of the future of India.

Mr. Anil Agarwal was also accompanied by Ms. Queenie Dhody the well known name in fashion jwellery and columnist and also Chairman of Oasis Energy, Oman, Mr. Thamer Alshanfare.   Mr. Anil Agarwal spoke about need for energy security in India and how much coal was important for the development. Globally, 70% energy is produced through coal and if the industry does not have sufficient coal, it is difficult to achieve energy targets. Without energy development cannot happen, he said.
On 23rd November 2012, Mr. Agarwal visited College of Technology & Engineering (CTEA), Udaipur. The students strength crossed the sitting arrangement and as many as 550 students and faculty members were present. On his arrival the clapping did not stop until the Dean had to request all the students to sit down. Mr. Agarwal was accompanied by Mr. Bhavin Mehta, a Diamond Entrepreneur from Belgium.

Dr. Rathore, Dean of CTAE, Udaipur gave a traditional welcome to Mr. Agarwal by adorning him with “Mewari Paag” and “Shawl”. Mr. Agarwal addressed students from various academic disciplines here such as M.Tech MBA (Tech.) and B.Tech. He emphasized the need of global entrepreneurship, especially from people of Rajasthan.

On both the occasions a short film “Partners in Prosperity” on the life of Sh. Anil Agarwal and Vedanta’s success story was screened for the students.  The motivational talk from him included stirring quote such “You have got to be hungry to be successful” and “Think and Aim Big” showing his prowess in giving an inspirational boost to budding entrepreneurs. He also emphasized the role of women empowerment.

Right through his talk he depicted the unquenchable zeal for leadership and entrepreneurship, and opined that entrepreneurship does not mean owning a company but, owning an idea and leading a team. Also, local people should have a sense of ownership for the business of a successful venture.   After speaking about his past experiences, anecdotes of entrepreneurship and notable events, a gamut of questions on Vedanta’s growth story, his personality, entrepreneurship, SME’s in India, Indian Economy were asked by the students.

Mr. Agarwal spoke about his hardships during early years where he started a Cable Industry and how with hard work, dedication and strong focus, Vedanta group has been built as one of the fastest growing natural resources company, which is now a 70 billion USD Diversified group. He emphasized on the fact that students should not forget their roots and not let down their high spirits because of the failures, instead learn from the mistakes and grow.  He motivated students by advising them to opt for the entrepreneurial proficiency for utilizing huge natural resources in India.

Mr. Agarwal also told the students that it is difficult to survive without Zinc, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Steel, Silver, Gold and Oil & Gas. Almost 100% gold comes from import and about 70% silver too. We have our mines in India but we still depend on imports. He gave example of China, Brazil, South Africa, Canada who have grown multi-fold ahead of India. India cannot remain poor for all the times to come, can we ?, asked Mr. Agarwal.   While striking a balance between renewable and non-renewable resources, he informed that Vedanta is producing 275 MW of Wind Energy which is one of the highest in the country. During the interaction, he also mentioned that Community comes before Business.

Working for the welfare of the society is always his prime concern and his efforts are always laid towards the betterment of the people. While talking about his future plans, Mr. Agarwal mentioned that taking forward his vision of Malnourishment free India, he will spent most of the wealth in community service and on the Health-Education-Nutrition and overall development of the underprivileged children. 

“Don’t bother what people say, be focused and keep working hard. Nobody can stop you. If there is a determination to achieve something, you will find your way” was his message for the students who would be inspiring to become future entrepreneurs.


Economic Times Business Leader of the Year 2012 - Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Group

Anil Agarwal, Chairman - Vedanta Group has been honoured with the most coveted ‘Economic Times Business Leader of the Year 2012’ Award. The award was presented by the Dr. Manmohan Singh – Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in a glittering ceremony held in Mumbai on 10th November, 2012 in the presence of distinguished gathering including Union Ministers and Industry leaders.
The Economic Times Business Leader of the Year Award Is a part of the ET Awards for Corporate Excellence, given annually by Economic Times, world’s second largest read financial daily. The Business Leader of the year award “seeks to honour a leader who has clearly demonstrated a strategic direction for success, and pursued a vision”

On receiving the honour, Mr. Anil Agarwal, said, “It is a great honour and I feel humbled for having been chosen to receive this recognition. I thank the jury and the Economic Times for giving me this award. This award is a recognition of the Indian entrepreneurial spirit which has delivered world class projects in infrastructure and resources. India has one of the largest deposits of natural resources in the world. Exploration and development of these resources in a sustainable manner has the potential of creating mass employment, eradicating poverty and making India a self sufficient economy.”

The Economic Times felicitated Mr. Agarwal for having driven “growth in trying times”. They also acknowledged that his “growth story is different from typical first-generation entrepreneurs” because he was able to “expand in India and overseas with money raised in global markets”. That set him apart from other Indian entrepreneurs who have expanded in India with domestic capital.

The ET Business Leader of the Year Award is yet another recognition of Mr. Agarwal’s achievements. He has also been felicitated with the prestigious E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2008, and Mining Journal’s coveted Lifetime Achievement Award for the year 2009. He was featured by the Forbes Magazines as one of the “48 heroes of Philanthropy” in the world. We all join to congratulate him for achieving this excellence.


One of the major problems that rural India faces today relates to Health and Medical Issues particularly, during the change of seasons there is always a risk of spread of epidemic diseases. The hospitals and health posts are all distant away which further aggravates the issue. Where adult members can still reach distant hospitals, carrying children due to lack of proper commutation source, becomes even more difficult.

Vedanta has taken the Health and Medical benefits at the door-steps of these deep Rural and Tribal areas in the States of Rajasthan, Orissa, Chattisgarh and Tamil Nadu.
Picture Speak a Thousand Word...


Vedanta Hindustan Zinc Plants 150,000 Saplings in 5 Months in Rajasthan

During the World Environment week in June 2012, Vedanta’s Hindustan Zinc had taken up the initiative to plant 100,000 saplings at its business locations in Rajasthan. All the units of Hindustan Zinc participated in this drive and set-up a new record by planting 150,000 saplings in just 5 months. During the drive neem, seesam, ashoka and palm trees were planted.

Hindustan Zinc already houses more than 12 lakh plantation, in and around its business locations. The company’s plantation drive aligns with the flagship project of the Rajasthan State Government’s “Green Rajasthan”.

The plantation drive started under extreme temperature of 45 degrees and the company is also maintaining and taking care of these plants with the support of District Administration and local community.

Hindustan Zinc has been one of the largest contributors in terms of protecting and conserving the environment. Company’s plants have been set-up on most environment friendly technologies that allows the plants to operate on `zero discharge’ and these units are now heading towards `zero waste’. The companies has persistent focus on minimal impact on environment, re-cycle and re-use practices, and is conserving bio-diversity in and around its operating units.

Head Corporate Communication, Pavan Kaushik informed that “Very few people know that Hindustan Zinc produces about 25 MW of power just through the waste heat recovery process. As a part of green energy initiatives the company is also one of the largest producers of wind power – 275 MW in India, which is registered under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and is entitled for carbon credits.”

Hindustan Zinc practice the `4-R Policy’ – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Reclaim. The company has a dedicated effluent treatment plant at all smelters. The Reverse Osmosis Plant installed at the units result in a constant decrease in consumption of fresh water.

Hindustan Zinc, a Vedanta Group company, in zinc-lead-silver business, is the world’s largest integrated producer of zinc and also the largest producer of Lead and Silver in India.


Vedanta CSR initiatives towards bringing socio-economic independence in rural women have extended its reach. The formation of Self Help Groups has been very successful in uniting and bringing together these women who come from different families and backgrounds. Each woman in given a professional training in the village itself as per interest and potential and further linked to banks for financial security.

Today, Vedanta CSR has been able to develop and organize 2100 Self Help Groups where whom about 30,000 women are associated.

These groups have been formed by Vedanta Group companies - Hindustan Zinc, BALCO, Vedanta Aluminium, Sterlite Industries and VAL, Lanjigarh.

Empowering Rural Women : Empowering Families, Empowering Nation



Vedanta Child Care programs at Lanjigarh, Orissa are bringing millions of smiles on these young Children. We present you here some impressions of those JOYS and SMILES - "KHUSHI" AT ITS BEST...