KOLKATA: Hindustan Zinc (HZL) has set up a mining academy to train youth in mining. The company will invest Rs 30 crore in next 5 years to train some 500 personnel in response to a growing need for skilled technical manpower in the country’s natural resources... sector.
The latter has been attracting best of talent among engineers and management trainees in the last 10 years, including a growing number of women who are joining the fray. A number of international experts have joined at key positions to explore natural resources, to improve metal recovery and build a future of sustainable mining. This lead HZL to identify areas in under-ground mining where need of skilled manpower is being felt. Two distinct roles that of Jumbo Drill Operator and Winding Engine Operators were identified, both positions that are currently being fulfilled by expats.
HZL thus decided to set up what is perhaps the first Mining Academy that would train ITI pass-outs in Jumbo Drill Operations and in Winding Engine Operations, who would also have training in Banks-men and Bellman Operations.
The academy has been set-up in collaboration with Skill Council for Mining Sector and training partner Indian Institute of Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. Commenting on the initiative, Sunil Duggal, CEO, HZL said: “The prime objective of setting up the Mining Academy in Rajasthan is to enhance employability of eligible youth. Hindustan Zinc completely endorses Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s thoughts on the scope of creating employment for millions in natural resources sector. The academy would provide an opportunity to ITI pass-outs, who are below the age of 30 years and academically qualified to operate after thorough training. These trainees are also given a monthly stipend of Rs 2000 to Rs 7000, linked to their performance. Currently, the training centres are in Bhilwara, Rajsamand and Zawar near Udaipur.

CEO, Hindustan Zinc - Mr. Sunil Duggal on Twitter

Dear All

We are pleased to inform you that we have launched official Twitter handle of our CEO:

Hindustan Zinc is uniquely positioned since it is world’s leading and India’s only Zinc-Lead-Silver producer, a company which is a global benchmark for the metal and mining space worldwide.

CEO Twitter handle will be interactive for sharing best practices, innovations, initiatives towards Health, Safety and Environment, and our achievements.

We are also aiming to make our CEO’s Twitter handle to be interactive for our vendors, suppliers, buyers and national & international stakeholders, including Government.

You may follow CEO’s Twitter handle and share your experiences. 


Hindustan Zinc’s Shiksha Sambal Program by now has provided classes in Maths, Science & English to over 7000 rural & tribal students
Schools in deep rural areas have their own challenges in terms of providing education to students. First and the foremost, it is difficult to convince villagers to send their children to schools, particularly the girls. Secondly, it is evenly difficult to get qualified and experienced teachers.

Hindustan Zinc, through its Shiksha Sambal program focuses on quality education and provides remedial classes to rural students appearing for Rajasthan Board Examination, i.e. students of 10th to 12th classes in the 5 districts - Udaipur, Rajsamand, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara and Ajmer. This project in association with Vidya Bhawan Society aims to provide special subject classes like Math, Science, Political Science, English and Accounts. The program is reaching out to 7000 students in 55 Government Schools.
Taking a step further to ensure the overall development of these students, Hindustan Zinc in association with Vidya Bhawan Society is organizing 7 Summer Camps in 5 districts of Rajasthan for about 800 rural students who are appearing for 10th Board Exams this year. This one month camp began on 15th May, 2017 at Udaipur and 6 business locations of Hindustan Zinc – Zawar, Debari, Chittorgarh, Dariba, Agucha and Kayad.
The launch program was organized on 22nd May, 2017 at Vidya Bhawan Auditorium, Udaipur.
The first residential summer camp was organized last year in Udaipur that saw the participation of around 70 rural students. Sighting the success of last year’s camp, this year, more than 200 students are actively participating where about 50% of them are girls from villages around all 7 business locations including Pantnagar. About 12-15 students from the last year camp are also participating in this year’s camp as ‘Captain’ to aid in managing the current batch.
These camps organizes sessions on yoga, painting, carpentry, music, dance, finance & accounts and art & crafts facilitating holistic development of students apart from their regular academic curriculum.
Ms. Neelima Khetan – Head CSR, HZL, Mr. Bhagwat Babel – Vice President, Vidya Bhawan, HZL CSR representatives and Vidhya Bhawan officials along with more than 200 rural students were present to grace the occasion.


Mining Industry dates back to the dawn of civilization, and is often considered as an Ancient Industry. Indus Valley civilization showed the signs of copper, bronze, silver, gold but not iron..  Under the series of Ask for Zinc, we bring to you the innovations in the mining industry in various domains like exploration, ore deposit definition, extraction & processing, transport & communications, health, safety and mine reclamation.

INVERSION ALGORITHM - Innovations in Exploration

In mining, the first step is to discover an economically viable deposit with the help of a combination of activities collectively known as Exploration. For this, geologists search for mineral deposits in remote areas. Methods such as geological surface mapping and sampling, geophysical measurements and geochemical analysis are often applied at an early stage to pin out potential deposits.

Among these methods, geophysics is traditionally used to predict the position of a mineralized body by seeking out anomalies in the magnetic field, gravitational field or electrical conductivity etc. Inversion algorithms allow geophysical data to be used in an advanced way. It first establishes the geophysical properties of the rocks and then measures their geophysical signatures in the field, thus making it possible to generate 3D models of their potential mineralization and surrounding geological environment. Inversion algorithm enables resource explorers to extract more insight from geophysical data by converting geophysical measurements into 3D images of the subsurface that can be integrated with other surface and subsurface geologic observations.

Over the past decade, inversion algorithm has proved its effectiveness in exploring various ore deposits and major oil reserves around the world. The major examples being - iron ore and nickel belts of Western Australia - iron oxide-copper-gold in Africa, South America and Australia – copper deposits in Mongolia - nickel laterite in Colombia. Within the oil industry, inversion algorithm has reduced uncertainty when exploring the dense sedimentary section that surrounds the salt bodies in the Gulf of Mexico, and also offshore West Africa and South America where the geology is more complex and less predictable. 


It is said.. “If you thrive for Excellence … You Get It..”

Mr. Ashutosh Pathak, Geologist - Mochia Mines at Zawar, and the geologist team went for a training programme on "Mineral deposit evaluation: Resource estimation, classification and reporting" held at Hyderabad from 17th to 20th  April'17. The training also saw participation from organizations like Tata Steel, NMDC, GSI, MECL, IMFA, etc. to name a few.

To understand the level of technology the mining companies are using, the faculty raised many questions. These pertained to software used in mining industry and exploration equipments.  Mr. Ashutosh Pathak has informed that Hindustan Zinc was the clear leader in all the present gallery of industries as Hindustan Zinc was the only company to have:

1. Mineral reporting as per CRIRSCO guidelines and we use JORC code, which is rare in the industry.
2. Use of advanced geological software like Data-mine and leap-frog for geological modelling as Hindustan Zinc is the first company in the country to introduce leapfrog.
3. Using high drilling capacity rig known as MCR first time in India for underground exploration drilling.
4. Using Geo stat tool very effectively for mineral estimation at every mine location of Hindustan Zinc.
5. Using best EDA techniques to ensure the reliability and accountability of database to create final reserve and resource estimates.
6. For R&R reporting a code being generated in India.

Other team members included – Mr. Vivek Tyagi (AM Geology – Kayad), Mr. Pankaj Choudhary (AM – Geology –SK Mine), Mr. Anand Pandey (Geologist – CRDL) and Mr. Biswajit Basak (Geologist – Zawar).