Vedanta to adopt another 1,000 Anganwadi Centers in Orissa and Rajasthan

Now, 120,000 under privileged rural children to get nutrition value
through 3,000 Vedanta Anganwadi Centers

Statistics show every 3rd malnourished child in the World lives in India. It is astonishing to know that every 2nd Indian child is under-weight and 3 out of 4 children in India are anemic. India alone accounts for 40% of child malnutrition in developing countries, one of the highest levels in the World. India accounts for 57 million of the World’s 146 million malnourished children.

With a mission to provide nutrition value to under privileged children in the age group of 0-6 years, Vedanta group took the initiative of adopting State Governments run Anganwadi Centers. Initially, Vedanta adopted 800 Anganwadi Centers, 400 each in Orissa and Rajasthan, and provided nutrition value (groundnut, poha etc.), utensils, water filters, medical kit, books, toys, and other necessary items to each of these 800 Anganwadi Centers. A regular doctor had now started visiting these Anganwadi Centers for conducting medical check-ups and also for providing necessary immunization. These Vedanta Anganwadi Centers now maintain data of each child and the activities are monitored. Not only this, the company has also appointed supervisors to ensure proper implementation of the project. The impact is to be seen, as not only the nutrition value in these children has considerably increased but also the attendance in the Anganwadi Centers.

Encouraged by the results Vedanta adopted another 600 Anganwadi in Rajasthan and another 600 in Orissa, in the second phase, enhancing the total number of Anganwadi to 2,000, benefiting over 85,000 under privileged children living in deep rural areas.

Now, the Vedanta group is moving ahead to adopt another 1,000 Anganwadi Centers, 500 in Orissa and 500 in Rajasthan, which would benefit about 43,000 rural children, taking the total adoption to 3,000 and beneficiaries as over 120,000. Vedanta group has the target for reaching out to minimum 10,000 Anganwadi Centres to benefit about 500,000 under-privileged children living in deep rural areas in the coming 2-3 years.

Mr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Group says, "I want to see India as a child malnutrition free country. The Vedanta group is working towards complete eradication of malnutrition from this country. A very high percentage of Children in India are under-nourished and suffer due to malnutrition and children are under-weight. Children are wealth of any nation and also future of Indian growth story. We need to ensure their childhood is healthy and well nourished and they get proper education.”

The children who are going in Anganwadi Centers are also happy as they learn through play way methods where the teacher teaches them through songs and rhymes, colourful pictorial books and toys. The parents of the children are also very happy as their children are being taught about health and hygiene, civic sense and their children from the Anganwadi Centers then move to formal schools.

Today, these children greet every visitor with ‘good morning’, have every day bath, brush their teeth, cut their nails, comb their hair, and wear clean clothes. One can feel the inner happiness in these children.


  1. It's giving immense pleasure for me when i read the full story. It's very very good for children. Keep doing like this.

  2. Extra ordinary effort.

    Alok Bhatnagar

  3. It is a great novel step towards the nation building. i wish vedanta succeds in it's attempt..

  4. A corporate organization has the responsibility of sustainable livelihood of its peripheral areas. Poverty ridden indian villages can be transformed into prosperous units ,only when children are provided education and better heathcare facilities. Vedanta is on its way and we all should join hands in its global mission of "Partnering Development" .

    Rakesh Goswami
    VAL, Lanjigarh,Orissa.