Indigenous development of motors saves Rs. 40 lakhs at Zawar…

Indigenous efforts of Hindustan Zinc have always proved and contributed towards reduction of costs and increase in volumes. One such effort saved Rs. 40 lakhs by indigenously developing OEM motors that were initially being imported. This is a case study of a team at Zawar Mines that brought down cost drastically by finding alternatives through in house research process.

The LOCO system in Zawar was very old and was leading to failure and subsequent breakdowns.  This was becoming the reason for substantial mine production loss. Thus, it was felt to replace the existing motors with a new set of motors.
Since the new set of OEM motors were costing around Rs. 24 lakhs it was felt to look for other possible opportunities to meet the requirements. A team led by Mr. Jorawar Singh (Commercial Head) and Mr. Tamil Selvan (AGM - Electrical) along with Ms. Apoorva Vyas (AM - Commercial) as its member started looking for opportunities and decided to opt for indigenously developed vendors in India by providing them with necessary technical details.
The efforts paid results. The team was successful in developing and procuring the same motor in India without the help of OEM and at a much reduced cost of just Rs. 4 Lakhs per motor.
Two motors were initially procured and installed in LOCO system and since the last 10 months the LOCO machines have been running smoothly and have also led to a saving of Rs. 40 lakhs.

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