Being Safe, an initiative by Hindustan Zinc, is not just another project on safety, it is a project based on human psychology and his reactions to different situations. The objective of 'Being Safe' is to reach out to workmen and employees through informal interaction and making them understand the value of safety of their lives and also lives of their families.

With the thought : A workman or executive's mind is generally occupied almost 100% in work. As his mind becomes tuned to occupy information only about office, it rejects other inputs, even if they are about his safety or about safety of his family. His mind chooses to give importance to only office work. This leads to acute work pressure and stress.

 And that's where the mistakes, near miss or fatality happens.

Being Safe has a vision to dilute this 100% mind occupancy towards office to about 50% and divide the remaining 50% into family, friends and other activities that ultimately find significance to the meaning of life and its importance. Once he understands life beyond office, he is bound to become more conscious to enjoy finer things in life

The workshop starts with conversation mode, screening of recently made safety film, motivational stories and listening to their thoughts about life and safety. A session on 'Knowing Yourself', in simple words, 'Who am I ?' is organized to make them understand the value of their presence in their families.

A 30-seconds intro-meditation session is also conducted. This session makes the employees recall their lives since their childhood, recalling the journey they have had so far Feedback (in general 3 questions) from the participants post workshop is collected in which they appreciated the film, workshop and the safety practises of Hindustan Zinc.

After covering 600 regular and contract employees at Zawar, Rampura Agucha Mines, Chanderiya Smelting Complex, Radpura Dariba Mines and Kayad mine  in phase- I, Phase-II  of 'Being Safe' started with the screening of 2nd Safety film at Zawar and SK mines. This time, the workshop was attended by many of the family members. Live events /case studies were discussed and few of the employees were of the view to show mines to their families.

So far, 'Being Safe' has covered about 810 out of 1200 employees targeted.

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