Reducing Breakdowns by In-house designing of Loader bucket…
Komatsu Loader WA900 having 13 cubic meter bucket capacity, is one of the largest Loaders used in Mining Industry. At Rampura Agucha Open Cast Mine, this Loader is used at primary crusher pad for ore feeding.  But RA-OC team has been a facing a major challenge in the Loader, its tooth points would often wear off from the mounting pin and fall into crusher resulting in crusher breakdown. Also, the life of tooth point was very short.
To reduce the crusher breakdown and to increase the life of tooth point of the bucket, Heavy Earth Moving Machine (HEMM) team consisting Mr. Krishankant Tripathi (Executive- HEMM), Mr. Sachin Kumar (Engineer- Mining Machinery) and Mr. Arjun Kumar (HOD-HEMM) took the challenge to change the design of the Loader bucket. After studying the technicalities involved, the complete bucket front lip was re-designed by the team indigenously and manufactured through local agency. Tooth Point of different design was also fitted in the bucket.
The results were remarkable. Since then, there is not a single case of premature wearing of tooth point in the new design of bucket. The life of new tooth point is twice the original. The cost of ground engaging tools for the equipment went down from Rs. 1538/ hour in FY 2015-16 to only Rs. 415/ hour in FY 2016-17 which gave a direct saving of Rs. 36 lakh y-o-y and, eliminated indirect losses due to breakdown of the equipment and crusher. 

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