Induced Fan Duct is a critical equipment of Boiler in Captive Power Plant (CPP) and its malfunction would lead to breakdown of boiler. CPP at Chanderiya has been facing a major challenge of erosion of duct parts of Induced Draft Fan, leading to higher power consumption, thereby, increasing COP.
To eliminate the erosion, Captive Power Plant team comprising Mr. Mahender Singh Rathore (Manager -  Engineer and Planning), Mr. Seela Satyanarayana (Associate Manager - Electrical), Mr. Mohd. Parvez (Associate Manager - Power), Mr. Chandi Das (Associate Manager - Electrical) and Mr. Binu Raphael (AGM - Asset Optimisation) conducted a detailed “Computational Fluid Dynamics” analysis by taking measurement of pressure drop across the duct. Huge pressure drop across the duct was found to be the main reason of erosion during the analysis. Team then rectified the flow path of induced air by modifying the design of the duct.
Team efforts paid result. After design modification, the erosion of duct got reduced and power saving of around 100KW/Unit was achieved leading to cost saving of Rs.
30 lakhs per annum. This has been horizontally implemented across all units of HZL.

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