A unique initiative - “BEING SAFE” is to bring in a sense of safety as responsibility towards employees, particularly in contract employees/families/children. Corporate Communication team has made 11 visits in Units (except Pant Nagar) along with Zinc School and has interacted with about 1500 employees/families/children overall. 4 films have been made involving our own employees and their families to focus on safety. Meditation sessions are organized post the screening of films to understand what goes inside their minds post such incidents. Along with the Safety messages and movie screening, live case studies and events are shared with the employees.
A direct on-the-spot feedback was taken from the employees which is found to be very encouraging. Many of the employees share their personal experiences beyond the boundaries of the Plant.
About 87% of employees found this informal interaction more impactful and more connecting to them. Specifically made Safety films were also appreciated by about 86% people and about 83% employees backed the essence of Safety Rules.
'Being Safe' has certainly strengthened the culture of belongingness within Hindustan Zinc. We know it is a journey that needs to be continued to achieve Zero Harm in the organization…

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