A young boy was playing with a sharp knife and his father kept telling him not to do so. The stubbornness of the child made him continue with his act. His father warned him that if his finger gets cut or he gets hurt, it would be very painful. The boy was confident of managing his act. The father for once decided to let the learning be through experience this time. Suddenly, the knife fell on his feet and as expected the blood started coming and the child started crying profusely. Father rushed towards him and also the child's mother. But both stopped after walking few steps. They knew that the child though was crying, but he was safe. The learning was happening through his experience this time. The child was feeling the pain and was asking for help and promised not to repeat it in future.  
Why we often want to learn only through our own experiences, why not with experiences of others ? Why we feel that safety of others is our responsibility, when they themselves do not consider it to be their own responsibility ? Why we tend to learn only by doing mistakes ourselves, when there is enough scope of getting hurt by mistakes of others ? 
Many questions, but reply seems to be just One.. Be Safe For Your Own-Self And For Your Family. 
Safety is not just compliance or a fear or adherence, it is more to be understood as a practice and as a philosophy.
All of us have watched our mother playing with fire while making food for us. Many times she must have burnt her fingers. But have you ever tried putting your fingers on hot-plate. No.. We know the outcome would be evident.
How much scared are we when our children do not reach home after school on time. We keep peeping from the window to assess every second of delay. We often complain schools for not informing about the delays in school busses. We are scared of any untoward incident. Imagine, when we the bread-earner of the family, fail to turn up to our homes on time, or at all ? What our families go through ? What thoughts they would have in their minds ? 
We tend to advise our children to wear helmet, not to sit with a friend who does rash-driving. But when it comes to our own-self, we only tend to be liberal on our own rules. We may find many reasons to comment on how people drive, but often ignore our own families views and requests on how we ourselves drive. For us, Rules are meant to be Broken.
Accidents or incidents do not come with an appointment, they are always without invitation. But still prevention always work better than cure.
Let us assess where we are going wrong and what needs to be corrected, with a positive frame of mind. 
I don't want my safety to become someone else's responsibility, do you, when I know I can handle myself...

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