Zawar Mines, one of the oldest mines, is all set for expansion and has planned to increase its production capacity in upcoming years. The goal is to produce 4 million tonnes of ore from all the four underground mines in Zawar.
 Mochia, the oldest mine of Hindustan Zinc has planned to contribute 1.2 million tonnes in terms of ore production. To reduce the pressure of production, it was necessary for the mining team to keep two or three stopes ready all the time. For this, the team required sufficient Reserves and Resources to meet the planned production targets.
 At West Mochia section, there exist a series of lenses called CWM-Series of lenses. These lenses possess significant potential but were completely untouched in terms of production. The intersections of these lenses were at greater distance from surface but remained unexplored from underground at shallow depths.
 Mochia Geology Team comprising Mr. Ashutosh Pathak (In-charge, Geology Department-Mochia),  Mr. Santosh Kumar Guin (Geologist), Mr. Prashant Biswas (Geologist) and Mr. Sayandeep Chakraborty (Geologist) decided to utilise this unexplored resource below the earth at shallow depth from surface and identified this area for exploratory drilling. The team drilled around 2800 metres of these lenses and added about 9 lakh tonnes of R&R with 5% Total Metal Content in just a year which is sufficient to cater to the needs of Zawar during development stages.
The team has planned further drilling and production from this area in the upcoming times which will divide the pressure of production from other stopes and help in meeting the goal of 4 million tonnes.

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